WiFi UltraBoost Review 2020: Does It Really Work?

With the advancement in technology, wired internet has become obsolete as people prefer having fewer cables in their homes.  Therefore, WiFi technology is fast becoming a popular choice, and it is being embraced by people all over the globe.  It is, however, worth noting that this widely embraced technology comes with its own drawbacks. One of the its demerits is that WiFi signals is not always as strong as expected, which significantly reduces its coverage area.

Weak signal strength can be frustrating as it makes it difficult to established a strong and reliable internet connection with the router, especially if you are at a greater distance from it.  So, you have keep your device close to the router to enjoy a stable and consistent internet connection. This is not the best option; neither is it the best solution.

WiFi technology was invented to make our life easier; and should not, in any way, makes u uncomfortable. On this note, I am proud to introduce a perfect solution to this WiFi Signal issues, the product is WiFi UltraBoost. It is a new device designed to boost your WiFi signal, and enable you to browse with great speed irrespective of your distance from the router.

What is WiFi UltraBoost?

WiFi UltraBoost is a new device that is capable of boosting your existing WiFi signals. It connects to your WiFi Signal, and enhances it so that areas of the house with connection can have access to reliable signals.

Furthermore, the device features a simple design, you can hang on the wall of the room or area where you need stronger signals. Apart from that, it comes with different types of plugs that are designed to fit power outlets in places like United States of America and Europe.

If you are looking to boost your WiFi signal strength, so that you do not have to stay close to the router to have a reliable internet connection, then you have to pay attention to every information that will be shared here.  I am going to walk you through the features, specifications, working principle, price, and lots of other things that you will like to know about the product.

WiFi UltraBoost Technical Details

In this section, I will explain briefly some technical details of the product. This will help you understand how the device operates.  WiFi UltraBoost are compatible with routers having a WLAN function. How do you know if your router has this function? It is quite simple, check the imprints on the front of the router. Apart from that, you can also check for a WLAN button on your router.

The device features four displays, which are WLAN, WPS, LAN, and on, off. The green light indicator tells you if the device is working perfectly. Furthermore, if you need a strong and reliable signal to download or watch video, you can connect the LAN cable to the booster. A LAN port is located on the side of the WiFi UltraBoost.

If you are planning on traveling with the device, you need to know the shape of the sockets of your destination country.

Advantages of WiFi UltraBoost

WiFi UltraBoost comes with lots of mouth-watering benefits.  Apart from the fact that it is easy to use, it employs the use of an advanced technology that boosts its reliability and effectiveness. All that is required of you is to connect the device to the socket, and leave the rest to the WiFi UltraBoost.  Here are some of the most significant benefits of the product:

  • It is works perfectly with all internet provider
  • No additional payment involved, no extra subscription
  • WiFi UltraBoost strengthens the signal of your router, so you do not have to move it from one place to the other
  • With this product, you do not need an internet cable
  • All areas in your home will experience strong and reliable internet connection.
  • You do not have to alter your home arrangement to boost signal

How does WiFi UltraBoost Works?

The working principle of WiFi UltraBoost is easy to understand. It is designed to put an end to common RF signal degradation issues experienced in homes and offices.  In this section, I will explain in simple terms, how this unique product functions, you will get to know how it improves the WiFi signal from your router so that you can have access to a reliable fast and reliable internet connection from anywhere in your home.

The product works as a WiFi Repeater, it collects the signal meaning from your router, strengthens it, and then re-transmits a stronger RF signal.  This stronger signal that is being retransmitted will have a wider coverage when compared with the one from your network router.

Based on the number of repeater station you install; the amplified signal will double or triple the signal coming from the router.  The idea behind the WiFi UltraBooster is to effectively increase the coverage of your existing WiFi Signal.  It does this by amplifying the main signal from the router, and the retransmits it to reach other areas of your home.

WiFi UltraBoost Accessories (The Package)

When you buy this product, you are going to get the following package:

  • A WiFi UltraBoost Device
  • An explanatory instruction manual
  • A network cable
  • A wireless N-mini extender

WiFi UltaBoost Price

Ideally, you will expect the price of such innovative device to be on the high side. Well, I am pleased to inform you that WiFi UltraBoost comes at a low price. The manufacturer has offered a substantial discount on this product, so its price is extremely low.

Apart from the benefit of free shipping, the product can be retured if you are not happy with your purchase. To order this product, visit the official website of the producer.

Verdict: Does It Really Work?

WiFi UltraBoost is a technologically advanced device that enables you to connect to WiFi signal from anywhere within your home. The product has a simple design, and it is easy to install.  With WiFi UltraBoost, you are sure to make all dead zones in your home come alive with fast and reliable internet connection.

Does It really work? Yes, it does, it operates by boosting the RF signal around your home, giving you a permanent solution to the problem of weak signal and poor coverage.

[Fix] Google Chrome Loading So Slow on Windows 10: 7 Solutions to Try

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers but it gets so frustrating when it starts to lag. If you are reading this chances are that Google Chrome is loading slowly on your computer especially on startup. Although this problem is not specific to when you are launching Google Chrome, it can progress after you have used it for a while. Occasionally you might see the “not responding” error at the top of the window. All this may happen while still having sufficient RAM and a decent processor.  In addition, this problem does occur without running multiple apps simultaneously.

Why is Google Chrome So Slow?

The reason as to why Google Chrome is so slow can be due to a number of underlying issues. It may be due to some of the installed extensions using too much computer resources, browser history, compatibility issues, custom user settings, DNS cache, etc.

Nonetheless, this problem is easy to solve and just requires a few steps. In this article, we will perform a quick fix for each of these underlying issues are potential causes of Google Chrome loading so slowly. If one solution does not get rid of the problem, go ahead and try out the next one.

Solution 1: Flush DNS cache

Windows 10 locally stores DNS information for the sites and resources that were recently visited. For one reason or another, flushing DNS cache from your system does seem to improve loading speed. Here is how to flush DNS cache:

  • First, type in “command prompt” in the search bar. Right-click on the first result and select “Run as administrator”.
  • In the command prompt window, type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

  • Next, type in netsh winsock reset and hit enter. In order to complete the process, go ahead and restart your computer then check your browser if the problem is solved.

Solution 2: Disable Chrome extensions

Browser extensions are usually lightweight but some of them use too much computer resources which can slow down your browser. It is prudent to disable addons that you are not using. To do that:

  • Start off by opening the Chrome menu then select “More tools” followed by “Extensions”.

  • You should see a grid list of all the installed extensions. To disable, tap on the toggle switch.

Solution 3: Clear browser data

Google Chrome stores your browsing history, site cookies, and cache files which may cause the browser to lag. Here is how to clear browser data in Chrome:

  • Go to the Chrome menu at the top right and select “settings”.
  • Scroll down and expand the advanced section. Right under “Privacy and security”, select “Clear browsing data”.

  • Next, ensure that all the three options are selected then tap on the “Clear data” button.

Solution 4: Disable Chrome from restoring page sessions

If this feature is enabled, it allows Google chrome to restore tabs or pages that were previously opened before the browser was closed. If you close Google Chrome without closing the tabs that were opened, the next time you launch Chrome, the same tabs will load as well. This can cause too much resource usage especially if there are many tabs loading at the same time. Here is how to disable this feature:

  • Open Chrome menu at the top right of the browser then select “settings”.
  • Scroll down and look for “On startup”.
  • Right under “On startup”, select the option that says “Open the new tab page”.

Solution 6: Disable Chrome hardware acceleration

Well, the title might say “acceleration” but in the real sense, this setting has the possibility of slowing down your browser and disabling it will be a huge step in giving Google chrome a speed boost. Here is how to disable Chrome hardware acceleration:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the browser then select settings.
  • Scroll down to the advanced section and expand it.
  • Now, look for “System”. Right under “system”, there is the option to enable or disable hardware acceleration. Tap on the toggle switch to disable it.

Solution 6: Run compatibility troubleshooter

In case there are any compatibility issues with Google Chrome to your system, this solution automatically recommends the appropriate settings that will allow Chrome to run smoothly. Here is how to run the compatibility troubleshooter on Chrome:

  • Go ahead and right-click on the Chrome shortcut and select “properties”.
  • In the dialog box that appears, tap on the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Now, click on the “Run compatibility troubleshooter” button.

  • After the troubleshooter wizard appears, select the “Try Recommended Settings” option.
  • Next, click on the “Test the program” button. Normally, this step tests out whether it is appropriate to apply the new settings on Chrome. Chrome should open when you click on this button signifying it is alright to apply the recommended settings.
  • After that, close Google Chrome and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Now, select the option that says “Yes, save these settings for this program”. Tap the “Close” button to exit the troubleshooter.

Solution 5: Reset Google Chrome

This solution will change the current settings for Google Chrome which include the ones you have ever made (knowing or unknowingly) and resets to the default settings. This means that your browser settings will be like that of a new install. Here is how to reset Google Chrome:

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right of the browser and select settings.
  • Scroll down and expand the advanced section.
  • Go all the way down to where you have “Reset and clean up” and select “Restore settings to their original defaults”.

  • Now, hit the “Reset settings” button.

Solution 7: Reinstall Google Chrome

If none of the solutions above was able to fix the problem of Google Chrome loading slowly, then it would be best to completely remove it from your computer then install it again. Before you do, make sure you already have the installer on your computer or you are able to download it using another browser like the preinstalled Microsoft edge.

  • To uninstall Google Chrome, type in “Apps and Features” in the search bar.
  • In the apps and features window, scroll down through the list until you find chrome, select it then click the “Uninstall” button.

Best Free Movie Streaming Apps (APK) for Android and Firestick 2020 (No Buffering)

It’s the 21st century and entertainment is a big part of the world today. A popular relaxation technique after a hard day at work, or a means of social interaction and emotional connection, to watch movies and TV shows have become a part of our day to day lives. With this demand, the entertainment industry has grown so large that there are content available for everyone, and more are being released each day. With this seemingly endless amount of content, the only problem becomes a way to enjoy these content without any discomfort. Thanks to advancements in science and the ever-growing influence of the internet, streaming has provided a way for us to enjoy watching movies and TV shows at our convenience. Today, there are a plethora of free TV streaming sites out there that you can use to watch movies, TV shows online. There are also several devices that can support streaming services including PC, MAC, iOS, Android OS, and Firestick. All of these are great options for streaming and there are a lot of streaming services available for all these platforms. For the sake of this article, we’ll be considering streaming services available on the Firestick and Android OS platforms.

Thanks to the numerous amount of streaming platforms in existence, watching movies online is now a challenge to determine which streaming service is best suited to an individual’s requirements. There are some streaming platforms that stand out above the rest and we are going to show you some of the best streaming apps available for the Android OS and Firestick. Whether you’re using an Android OS device of a Firestick, these movie apps are some of the best movie apk for firestick and streaming purposes. Here are some of the best, up to date apps for stream

1. UnlockMyTV

Watching movies online is common activity for people and this movie app is regarded as one of the best free movie apps for android, it features no ads and is free for all users. There are thousands of content available on the app and as long as there is a strong enough internet connection, you can stream all your favorite TV show and watch movies in the best quality available, giving you the best streaming experience available. The app is capable of supporting subtitles and local media players from the user’s device, so you can enjoy a movie or TV show in the best way possible. The movie app is not verified by services like Amazon and as such cannot be found on your device’s app store, but it can be found on the internet along with an instructional guide on how to install it.

2. MediaBox HD

One of the most widely used Android apps, thanks to its numerous advantages to the user. Firstly, it’s one of the top-notch movie apps with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The app is also capable of supporting subtitles with subtitles available in over 20 different languages. There is also great diversity in the collection of movies as there are independent movies from different movie industries all across the world, and in several languages. The movie app is equipped with a download feature, which means, the user can either download or watch movies at the same time, even when they are offline. The app is free for usage, but you may not find it on your device’s app store. You can find the app on the internet as well as installation guides to assist with the installation process.

3. Bobby Movie

Bobby movie is more popular with iOS users but it is also available for Android and Firestick. The user interface of this app is really easy to learn and use. The app is filled with loads of free content, with one critical flaw, not all the movies located in the app are available in the best quality. Regardless of this, the app has content that includes new releases and older titles, and it is free to use. The app has some impressive features including subtitles support capability, and it support local device media players, allowing the user to enjoy their selection in the best possible way. The app is not available on the traditional device app store, but it can be found on the internet along with installer guides to help simplify the installation process.

4. Cartoon HD

There are lot of animation fans out there and if you are one of them, then this app is for you. Even though it is an app that is dedicated to animation, there are still free content that aren’t animation based, available on the app. This is one of the android apps which is not available for download on the device app store, but is available on the internet along with installer guides. Filled with content that features recent releases, as well as the classic, this app can be a great choice for children or even adults who are feeling nostalgic. The app is free for use to all users and it doesn’t need the strongest internet connection to function properly. The releases are available in high quality but can be altered to conserve data consumption.

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the premiere entertainment studios in the world, and this app is one of their products designed to share contents with users. While there are content from different entertainment studios on the app, there is a lot of Sony based content on the app. The app functions similar to the channel Sony, as there are commercial breaks inserted into the content while they are being streamed. This is one of the few drawbacks of the Sony Crackle app, along with the fact that you need to pay to be able to get maximum usage from the app. There is a free service available to the users, but its capability is limited. One major advantage of the app is that it is available in device app store and does not require any alterations to your device before it can be installed.

6. Popcornflix Kids

With the impressive number of streaming apps available, it makes sense to see that there is one dedicated to family movies. This app is completely kid friendly but it supports ads, some of which are not kid friendly. The service is free to use and does not require any sign-up or login before a user can access the content. One of the major flaws of the app is that there is no parental control feature which means children can any part of the web from the app. The app is easily obtainable in device app store, and does not require any special instruction or setting to work on your device. The app is easy to navigate thanks to its easy user interface.

7. Morpheus TV

This is another Ad-free app on this list which doesn’t require you to pay money to eliminate ads. The service is free and many movie fans love this app, if only for its name which is the same as a legendary character from the matrix. While movies on this app may not always be available in the greatest quality, there are some impressive independent movies that come in the best quality, in some cases, in 4K, and this is impressive considering the fact that using the service is free and available to anyone with an android device or Firestick. The app is not available on regular device app store, but can be found on the internet along with installation instructions.

8. Pluto TV

This app is a paid service but it is very affordable. The app also supports credentials from some popular streaming services like Netflix, so users that have such accounts can also access this app. This app is another television like app that integrates the use of channels, to give the user access to great content that includes independent movies and TV shows, featuring recent releases and older titles, as well as sports, music and a whole lot more. With all the great content available on the app, it makes the fee seem rather small and is definitely worth every penny. One of the flaws of this app is that it is not available to some regions of the world, and as such, not everyone can have access to it.

9. Pocket TV

If you prefer a more traditional channel-based television system with the latest updated technology, then this best movie apk 2020 is going to stun you with amazement. With thousands of amazing content, scattered across over a hundred channels, there is bound to be something exciting that is suited to your taste. The app is completely free and free of Ads. Unlike many of the other applications on this list, this app can be obtained in the google app store. While the app itself is free, some of the channels on it may require a payment or subscription before you can access them, but there are free channels that are available to all users.

10. Stremio

This is another app that does not host movies or TV shows on it, but rather, it gives the user access to platforms that do. Movies, TV shows, Music and a lot of other content are available to those who make use of this app. The app is supported on multiple platforms, and it has the added advantage of being subtitle capable, and it automatically translates subtitles into your device language. The app can be found on normal device app store and is free, but some of the channels hosted on it may require a subscription.

11. Kodi

Some people may already be familiar with Kodi as a media player, but the service is so much more than that. The app does not actually host any movies or TV show, but provides access to several platforms that host movies, meaning that the possibilities to what you can find is seemingly endless. The app has all the features of a regular media player and has a very attractive interface that is easy to navigate, making it a fantastic movie streaming app. One of the major advantages of this app is that it can be found on device app store and on the official website of the app.

12. TeaTV

One of the key feature we seek in a movie streaming app is ease. This particular app offers the user comfort in every selection choice. With an impressive number of movies and TV shows all available on the app, there is the added advantage of grouping into categories that make selection easy for the user. There is a category that sorts movies according to fan rating, and according to critic rating, there is also a category that sorts movies according to the studio that produced them. This can be helpful if you are seeking movies associated with a particular cinematic universe. There is also a download option that allows you to download movies to be watched at a later time, even without an internet connection. The movies on the app are available in high quality but can be adjusted to save your data. The app can be found on-device app store and on the internet and is very easy to install.

13. TV Zion

This app is a user-friendly option that gives the user lots of benefits. One of the most popular benefits of this app is that it supports local media players on your android phone, allowing you to stream movies, download movies, content and play them with your favorite media players. The app is completely free to use and is even free of one of the most common problems associated with some of the best free streaming apps, ads. There are no ads on the app, meaning your streaming experience is optimal and uninterrupted. The app automatically stream movies in the best quality available, but you can adjust the quality to function with your data usage. You may not find this app in your device’s app store, but you can find it on the internet along with installation guides to help make the experience easy.

While these streaming services are available for mobile devices and Firestick, some of them are also available for your PC and you can find them via Google, along with any necessary instructions to help install them.

Dark Souls 2′ Might Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Dark Souls remastered is something innovative that will take place on the Nintendo Switch. When will this occur for people to see? Well, October is the selected date for the Dark Souls 2 to be revealed for public use. For the best-selling system, rumors mention that Bandai Namco is already working on the second chapter of the game. The publishing franchise is working earnestly to get the game for a new release in 2019. At the moment, this rumor cannot be trusted but should be taking with a grain of salt.

Well, as far as this publication is concerned, the Nintendo Switch is ready to welcome Dark Souls 2. It will be a great joy for fans that have anticipated this for a long time. It is important to mention that no rumor has been confirmed yet concerning this release. Fans should and wait until reliable information reaches the public. The most important thing to know is that this remains a rumor that may be yet to confirm. Another thing to know is that Dark Souls Remastered version is pretty on its way. This can be confirmed due to the restricted Amiibo to boot.

The trilogy of Dark Souls games has been the talk of the town recently. In fact, this information believes that the game may eventually be found on the Nintendo Switch any moment from now. The compilation has been recently announced for PS4 and Xbox One, which makes it not too surprising if the game eventually lands on the Nintendo Switch.

One thing is certain, both the Remastered and Switch edition will be unleashed on the same day. For this reason, Bandai Namco has been working seriously on the 2nd chapter of the game. Fans should only expect the best as the game is set to be unleashed for public use. The publisher of the game may not have mentioned anything to the public.

It is evident that the publishing franchise is working hard to ensure that the Remastered version of the game comes out on the same day. Maybe an official announcement will confirm the speculation of fans in the next E3 event of 2019. Between Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dark Souls 2, the Nintendo Switch may have had enough on its platform this season.

Fans have the opportunity to pre-order for this material now without any problem. This may also help you get prepared for the event to come in the future. Dark Souls Remastered will be arriving for Nintendo Switch on October 19th. Players will be able to see everything that has been rumored about the game.

The Remastered version of the game will also come with a plethora of new features. If you are a big fan, then check the Nintendo Switch on October 19th for a quick confirmation. The game also will be filled with amazing events that can help players connect easily. Give it a shot on the Nintendo Switch on October 19th.

Must Watch Best Top 10 Showbox TV Series

If you are looking to explore and discover the excellence of entertainment, ShowBox is an amazing free video application that can help to achieve your goal. With this application, you will be accessible to a ton of well-known television shows and films. The quality of TV shows and movies on ShowBox is classic and elegant. ShowBox for Windows 10 is also available if you are looking to explore a new world of entertainment in PC or Laptop.


This fantasy horror American TV series is now accessible to millions of people across the globe. With several viewers across the globe, this show is live on the CW service. Among adults that like horror movies, Supernatural is well-known. With twenty-two episodes in each, you can get the movie for a complete eleven seasons. Using your Android device can help to watch every episode and season of this fantasy TV show.

The Vampire Diaries:

Do you like watching ghost movies or TV shows? The Vampire Diaries remain a tough horror show for people that like ghost scenes. It comes in a plethora of seasons and fans can hook up with this TV series today. This TV series helps people to discover the secrets of the world and the supernatural strength of the Vampires.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

This is an American television reality series that airs on E! cable service. The Kardashian family helps to run the show. In record, the TV series has become a well-known program in the US and across the globe. The show is all about the personal and professional life of the Kardashian family.

The Big Bang Theory:

Bang Bang Theory is one of the ShowBox TV series that will shock you to the marrow. The Big Bang Theory has been able to gather viewers across the globe due to the features of this TV series. In total, you will find nine seasons when watching this TV show. It also has around twenty-four season each that will help to keep you busy.

Orange is the New Black:

If comedy show is your thing, then this TV series will keep you busy and laughing for hours. It is a TV series that comes with huge laughing scenes. Use ShowBox today and make yourself laugh in a time of need. The Orange is the New Black remains one of the best entertainment series in the US that puts you up and happy.

The Last Ship:

The Last Ship is an adventure series that will guide you on how to make trips. This post-apocalyptic American drama TV series is cascaded on the values of a novel. This TV series has ten episodes and three seasons in each one. As a matter of fact, the TV show is a popular entertainment series with tons of fans. Using your Android device will help to access the Last Ship without any difficulties.

Family Guy:

Adults fall in love with Family Guy easily due to the features of this TV series. It is an American adult Sitcom for people that like exploring new opportunities and life. This TV show helps you see how people in a family work to get everything they want in life.


With Arrow, you will get yourself a ShowBox television series that keeps you busy. This American television series is loved by many across the globe. If you like watching drama and getting something out of it, then give Arrow a try. It will eventually be one of your best programs to shed off boredom.

The Flash:

This well-known America drama TV show features Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti. It airs normally on the CW service. Characters and comics help to bring the inspiration of this TV show to viewers. With The Flash, you will be able to discover a SuperGirl and Superhero in the scenes of this TV show.

Game of Thrones:

It is a well-known TV series that everybody likes watching. The Game of Thrones remains an iconic American television series that brings to real life the assertion of power by people. The show has up to seven seasons and loved by many people across the globe.

With this list of ShowBox television series in this content, you will be able to relax and catch fun. These TV series will help you explore a new world of entertainment, time and again.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains Around Your Home?

It is realized that it really takes a hard work to keep your home look clean and fresh. It is unfortunate that using hard water really makes the task more difficult. A major task is identified when cleaning the spots in the showers with soap scum, white residue that are crusty on your fixtures, mirror streaks, and stains in the toilets. Fortunately, the work is done easier for you. You need not worry. Fleck 5600SXT is here for you since it is the best-known water softener.

Here are some guidelines on how to get rid of water stains around your home

1. Use of Fleck 5600SXT

This is a very good known water softener. You are required to mix the Fleck 5600SXT with the water you are using to do the cleaning in order to remove the ions that cause hardness. The mixture should be allowed to settle for some time to allow it to mix homogeneously. The mixture can be used to clean all the water stains in your home gadgets.

2. You can make a stain-fighting paste

This can be done by mixing the baking soda, white vinegar, and Fleck 5600SXT to make a paste. A thicker paste will be formed if only more of the powder of white vinegar is used. After making the paste you can apply it to the stubborn water stains in your home. For the best results, make sure that you allow it to be in contact with the affected area for sometime before rinsing it.

3. Use of the lemon juice

It can be unfortunate that you can get that your baking soda, white vinegar, and Fleck 5600SXT are exhausted. You need not get stressed up there is an option for you. Lemon juice can as well serve the purpose. It has been confirmed that using the lemon juice can effectively remove the water stains from your home fixtures.

4. Use of toilet hard water DIY

Everyone can be disturbed by the looks of the toilet. Ugly looks can be diminished by the use of hard water DIY. These DIYs can include the Fleck 5600SXT, baking soda, white vinegar. This DIYs will enhance the chemical reaction with the hard water that will help in cleaning the stained fixtures, tiles, toilets, and bathing shower.

5. Use of spray bottles to clean the soap scum

Its a feel good thing if your clean your soap scum in the shower and bring around the freshness. The best thing to clean the soap scum is through mixing half of distilled Fleck 5600SXT with the hard water in a good spray bottle. You are required to spray this mixture to the soap scum affected area and rinse it until the freshness is observed.

Having the five ways to get rid of the water stain, you will learn that Fleck 5600SXT is not only a luxury but also a necessity. The water softener will help you overcome the cleaning difficulties in future for all you home fixtures such as stained tiles, toilets, Shower soap scum amongst others. You need not rethink to owe the Fleck 5600SXT since its the best luxury that will earn you the most advantage in your cleaning. All the best as you try these guides that will help you in your cleaning of the water stained gadgets in your home.

5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $400

No computer can function without a monitor. Interestingly, though, the monitor receives the least attention from computer buyers especially gamers. When buying a serious gaming computer the first thing you consider is the GPU, CPU and probably the RAM. And while these components are all important for gaming, so is the monitor. There are a plethora of monitor options available for your selection. However, if you are on a budget you might have to manage your expectations. All the same, there are a couple of decent offerings below $ 200. Below is the best gaming monitor under $400.

Gaming Monitors Under $400

Acer Gaming 3D Monitor

Topping the list is the aptly named Acer Gaming 3D monitor. Despite it costing less than $400, this monitor has a pretty amazing image quality. A HDMI 2.0 port makes it compatible with QHD signals. An impressive 1ms response time is what you get from this monitor and a 144 Hz operation. To top it all of, this 27 inch TN panel has a mercury free backlighting.

The Asus VG245H

At its price, the Asus VG245H is quite the gaming monitor. For starters, it has a 1920 x 1080 p resolution and a fast refresh rate of 75 Hz. It features a VGA input and two HDMI ports, which means it can be used with a computer as well as with your preferred console whether a PS4 or an Xbox. For lovers of racing and FPS games, this monitor offers higher visibility and reduced input lag. At less than $200 this monitor offers a truly delightful gaming experience with a premium design.

AOC G2460PF 24” monitor

One of the most affordable free sync enabled panels is the AOC G2460PF screen. The latter features AMD’s anti-tearing technology to deliver a truly immersive and smooth gaming action. In addition to this it features quick pixel response and fast refresh rates. All the necessary ports from VGA, HDMI to DVI are also included and so is an adjustable stand.

The LG 25UM57

The cheaper LG 25UM57 is one of the best gaming monitors under $200. This ultra-wide panel has a resolution of 2560 X 1080 p, meaning it has more pixels than the others on this list. To be more specific it has 640 more pixels. Also, instead of the common 16:9 aspect ratio it has a ratio of 21:9.

Samsung 32-Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung is a company known for producing quality screens, and the 32 inch Curved monitor is no exception. As its name suggests it is a curved VA panel. And while most gamers prefer TN panels, this monitor offers an impressive and immersive viewing experience fit for gamers. The 1920 x 1080 p resolution is not the highest in this price point but it’s still decent. One of the best things about this screen is that it has a power saving feature to conserve power.


A monitor is an important component to consider when looking for a gaming computer. And in the under $200 price range, there are some incredible monitors as this list reveals. Therefore, if you are looking for the best gaming monitor under $ 200 you cannot go wrong with any one of the above.